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Extremely unhelpful of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors [RICS] to immediately start talking the housing market down because of Brexit.

In any case, they only get involved when we at HomeBuyers have done all the hard work in valuing and describing and photographing and marketing and selling the property.

Then the surveyors come along and stick their oar in, usually in a totally uninformed and unintelligent manner.

So how come they think they can comment after just three weeks?

At HomeBuyers, we’ve been busier than ever, selling and letting properties left, right and centre.

So no downturn here!

And then they start saying that the number of houses on the market are falling and we’re not building enough new homes.

So if the supply of houses is reducing and the demand for houses is increasing then basic supply and demand economics tells you that prices will be rising, not falling.

And 2016 is not like 2007 when Northern Rock fell off the cliff.

It wasn’t that we didn’t want to move, but the banks and building society (who got us into the mess in the first place) wouldn’t lend us any money, so we couldn’t move!!!

But this time around, that nice Mr Carney at the Bank of England has given them 150 billion quid and told the banks not to start beggaring about but to keep lending!!!!!

And he says he’s going to drop the interest rates to ¼%!!!!!

In any case, RICS are a totally London-centric organisation.

They think that a load of cash-rich non UK nationals are going to be buying in Paris or Berlin because London isn’t going to be “in Europe” any more.

So, what if prices in London fall from the totally bloody ridiculous level that they’ve been at for three years down to the simply stupid level that southerners are apparently prepared to pay to live in “the world’s greatest city”!

Well, listen up RICS.

London isn’t Leeds!!!

You carry on spreading your doom and gloom in the Home Counties, but leave us out of it here in God’s own country.

At HomeBuyers, we’re confident that the high levels of demand and the quality of the properties we’re dealing with are going to be maintained.

Brexit may have been a bit of a step into the dark but we’ll get it sorted.

And if RICS carries on like this, maybe it’s time to declare the People’s Republic of Yorkshire and then we can do things for ourselves good and proper.

We virtually won the last Olympics single handed, so I’m sure we can sort out our own housing market.

If you’ve had enough of the negativity, give HomeBuyers a ring and we’ll get on with it together.

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